Boom Glam – Soca & Dancehall – we celebrate life

Boom Glam – Soca & Dancehall – we celebrate life
Samstag | 16. Februar 2019 | 23:00 Uhr

Sa 16.02.2019

▶️▶️ Dancehall VS Soca
▶️▶️▶️ we celebrate life

Get ready for a night of pure island madness. We take you on a Carnival trip to the Caribbean, representing only the very best Soca and Dancehall music.
The new movement called BOOM GLAM is on a mission to spread soca and some dancehall to fresh ears all over Europe.
Mannheim is the next city scheduled to feel this magnificent powerful energy.

So spread the news, get your crew together and join us as we celebrate life the best way we know how.

▶️ D-ONE (Jammasters/Herbalize-it)
▶️ DeeBuzz Sound

RUDE7 // music & culture
Industriestraße 7c // Mannheim Neckarstadt

▶️ Eintritt bis Mitternacht 8 €
▶️ Nach Mitternacht 10 €

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